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Eva is a second generation dog trainer, born into the love to dogs and their education. She enjoys working with teams and watching them bloom into a wonderful partnership! 

She has trained, handled and competed in dog sports for over 25 years and has trained and competed in agility, obedience, rally, retriever events, herding, barn hunt and more. This diverse background insight into many forms of dog training and allows an open mind and unique perspective into getting the dog and handler to understand skills and grow.

Eva is an experienced BH judge, an AKC/PSD Scent Work Judge and an AKC Farm Dog Evaluator as well as an instructor and trainer. She judges and give seminars around the country and is available for phone consultation, seminars, clinics and lessons both locally to CNY and beyond!

Eva has a Bachelors in Food Science from Cornell University and an MBA from St. Bonaventure. 

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