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Opportunities to Learn

Private Lessons

BH Group Classes

We have ongoing Barn Hunt Group Classes for those that want to learn and compete in Barn Hunt! 

email: for information on classes!

We teach Barn Hunt and Herding  in several formats...

Private Lessons (for BH and Herding) for introductory information and private attention to challenges, needs and goals.

Group Classes for Barn Hunt for up to 5 teams of handlers/dog that and are regularly scheduled. 

Wanna learn more about what to try and how? See our FAQ below:

Email us!

Barn Hunt Private Lessons are listed  on a live schedule linked below. Check back frequently for updates and new lessons! 


Herding Private Lessons are available on sheep and ducks. Herding is an addictive, challenging and HARD sport. Due to the commitment required we would like to get to know you and your dog as well as your goals before we schedule a lesson. 

Please contact Eva at if you are interested in discussing herding lessons and opportunities!

Sports We Offer


Barn Hunt


Scent Work Trials

‚ÄčTracking Seminars

with plans to expand to: