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2017  GROUP Classes

Group Classes are great for teams that want to expand their knowledge in a regularly scheduled group format. It feels a lot like a trial and prepares you and your dog for trialing. 

We are giving classes in K9 Scentwork (Nosework) and Barn Hunt. Nosework starts January of 2017 and Barn Hunt group classes to start in late February/ March of 2017.

We offer classes in Intro Level all the way up to the most advanced levels. 

Group classes are 5 handler/dog teams (4 in Senior/Master and in NW) which meet at a regularly scheduled time and date. Sessions are 4 weeks long and $55/ 4 weeks. A makeup session is offered once a month to capture those that miss a class. 

Sessions are being added all the time so check back regularly to see what classes we have planned for the future! If you want to grab a spot- send Eva an Email at info@central-bark.biz or send us a shout out on our CONTACT page.

We require that dogs entering classes have had at least one private lesson with us in order to assure you have a good rat intro and that you will get the most from the format, if you haven't yet had a lesson...lets get that scheduled! 

We talk a lot about strategy, rules, work on drills and skills and have a great time! 

Questions? Need help? Email us at info@central-bark.biz

Barn Hunt Private Lessons

(just you, your dog and a trainer...)

We do lessons at $20 per 1/2 hour. If you prefer a FULL HOUR- please select two 1/2 hour slots. The 1/2 hour format allows more options for people and allows for you to select the right size lesson for your needs. 

It works best with 1-2 dogs per half hour or 2-4 dogs per hour lesson. One hour for ONE dog is generally too much. 

Each Barn Hunt  lesson includes instruction with rats, tubes, straw bales and course design. We can work on trouble spots, prepare for trialing or build skills.

At least one Private Lesson is mandatory for inclusion into the Group Classes.


Questions? Need help? Email Eva at info@central-bark.biz