Punch Cards /Run Thrus

We know it is hard to commit to a weekly class.

Do you have a BUSY schedule and can't commit to weekly classes.? This system is for YOU!

Here is how it works: 

You buy a punchcard from us at the barn. (sign up for a run/runs as described below and then buy your first card at that first attendance)

There are two levels of cards. Instinct/Novice/Open Cards for $50. Senior and Master Cards for $75 (since runs are longer). You can buy either or both :)

Regardless of card level- there are 10 runs on each card. 

To know our punch card SCHEDULE  go HERE.     We separate the  levels of dogs to make it easier to schedule and manage.  

Sign up for the runs you want per dog. For example if you want 2 runs for Fifi and 2 runs for Bingo...sign up for 4 spots total. This helps us prevent congestion and overbooking. 

Come to the barn on that time and date and get your runs. As you run, the attendant signs your card to "punch" that you used a run on the card. 

Repeat as necessary and buy new cards when you have used up your ten runs :)

Questions? Need help? Email us at info@central-bark.biz

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