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Central Bark and COVID-19 UPDATE (9/29/2020)

We are finishing up our Central Bark Barn Hunt and Herding seasons in OCTOBER of 2020. A little earlier than past years...but  

And our Halloween weekend trial will be the last Central Bark Barn Hunt trial of the year!

You’ve done great with the Covid Barn Hunt rules and I personally would love to thank you for your continued support through these crazy times!

Thanks to every person that helps wipe chairs and ring gating, abides by the mask rules and works so very hard to protect everyone at events, classes and lessons!

That being said, with schools starting again and cold weather forcing people to want to be inside versus outside AND the impending Christmas Tree season (and those restrictions!); I’ve made the decision to end the season a wee bit earlier than usual.

There will be no November popup barn Hunt trials this’s just cold and miserable and it will be hard to prevent and manage people from crowding into a barn to keep warm. I certainly wouldn’t want to wait outside in the cold November rain [🍁]

No worries! I hope that in January BH private lessons resume full speed and hopefully LEAGUE can begin again with more knowledge about the effects of Covid this autumn.
Perhaps even some popup trials and of course we DO have trials planned for April, May, June and beyond!

Thank you all for your patience as we negotiate the hard line between keeping everyone safe and keeping a business and family going!

Thanks all and be safe!
[🐕] [🐾] [🐀]